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IMAAN INTERNATIONAL works with any person or entity that uses, collects, sells or processes electronic devices. This includes but is not limited to recycling companies, original equipment manufacturers, retail stores, cities/communities, school districts and/or universities. We work with our customers to maximize value and recycle material in an environmentally responsible manner. Also we have 10 years of experience in the IT industry.

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. IT Management .

imaan international helps you to close the loop on the it asset lifecycle

We offer the most comprehensive approach to IT Asset Management. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company, government agency, small business or consumer, we have a solution that will work.

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. IT Scrap .

imaan international not only recycles, but it takes care on recycling in right way.

Computers and related IT hardware assets pose a serious environmental hazard. You risk significant legal liability if your IT assets are not disposed of or recycled properly.

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. IT Sales .

imaan international tests every
piece of equipment before we bring it to market.

We are a great place to buy computers, refurbished computers,
monitors, printers, parts, servers and more.

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. Products .We sell


We offer a variety of IT electronics for sale, we currently offer Desktops


We offer a variety of IT electronics for sale, we currently offer laptops.


We offer a variety of IT electronics for sale, we currently offer all Accessories


We offer a variety of IT electronics for sale, we currently offer Servers

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. IT Asset Disposition .secure onsite services

Data security is the most important aspect of any IT asset disposition program. Each PC, laptop, server, storage system, or mobile device retired poses a potential data security risk, presenting an opportunity for sensitive personal and corporate information to be compromised.

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We are an R2/Rios certified electronics recycler. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the business. Our process as well as our downstream partners go through a rigorous audit on a yearly basis. We value the impact our business has on the environment and are committed to growing our business in an environmentally friendly way. None of what we handle ends up in a landfill, we either recycle or reprocess every item we handle.

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After ensuring the total erasure of all of our electronics, we offer a variety of IT electronics for sale

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